About Us


Greenline Media Pvt. Ltd leading independent group of professional audio-visual companies and project managers in Nepal.

Greenline Media, at present, comprises of two leading audio-visual companies in Nepal namely Audio Visual and Software Services(AVASS), AVASS Television, are the companies, Greenline Media and Audio Visual & Software Services, have years of professional experiences in the production of audio-visual materials and Website Hosting, Designing, Software Development, Mobile Apps and IT Consultation of a wide range.

With over 17 years' combined experience in audio-visual, AVASS has valuable knowledge of the audio-visual industry from many different angles. Our business is run on our passion to deliver quality services and get it appreciated from our clients.

We have:

* experience of providing services at the national and international level;

* experience of working as an extension to an existing AV department, or as an "in-sourced" AV department.

* Exprience of Providing Videography & Still Photography Services